Addiction Services

Our Full Circle residential program is a specialty program for adult, pregnant and parenting women who have substance use disorders.
Deciding to enter treatment is not easy, but entering treatment and having to leave your children is even more challenging. At Full Circle we know that research tells us a woman’s relationship with her child plays a crucial role in her substance use recovery and relapse. Including children in the woman’s treatment stay allows her to learn the skills needed to balance parenting, work, and sobriety. Therefore, children newborn to 10 years old may be eligible to reside with their mother while she is staying at Full Circle.
Women and their children will receive services that include but are not limited to:
  1. A specialized, evidence-based treatment curriculum designed to address addiction and mental health with the whole person
  2. Trauma-focused care
  3. Parenting Skills
  4. Attaining and improving employability
  5. Health and wellness skills
  6. Access to prenatal, postpartum, and well-baby care
  7. Support with reunification of children and family members
  8. Linkage to community services, including housing