West River Mental Health Internship Program

West River Mental Health offers an exceptional Internship Program to provide a community behavioral and mental health internship setting for students who are completing their Master’s level education in Counseling, Social Work, and/or other human service related fields. The worksite setting experience is a fundamental component in the development of a solid basis of knowledge for the intern to move into the professional mental health arena.

With the West River Mental Health mental health internship, the student will benefit from the experience of a professional relationship with a therapist working with West River Mental Health in the student’s specialization through direct, face-to-face supervision for a minimum of one hour per week. Students also gain understanding and appropriate experience related to billing practices utilized by a community mental health center.

Come Intern With Us

West River Mental Health internships for counselors provide a thorough, practical experience that can only be obtained in an agency-based work setting. Our program will provide mental health internship cohorts with the skills necessary to prepare them for the community behavioral health counseling field.

Interns will learn to:
  • Apply the understanding of general principles and methods of case conceptualization, assessment of mental and emotional status, and diagnostic techniques by integration of technological strategies and applications within counseling processes.
  • Apply advanced skills, including assessment and theoretical and philosophical bases of counseling, within the professional work setting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of prevention techniques and resources applicable to clients served while utilizing the ability to identify and clarify a tentative personal theoretical counseling approach.
  • Acquire and demonstrate adequate knowledge of available referral sources utilized by West River Mental Health counseling professionals within the regional catchment area.
  • Gain understanding and appropriate experience in consultation with parents, teachers, families, other community providers, and West River Mental Health representatives.
  • Document, in order, and clearly communicate to West River Mental Health supervisors the essential factors in each case in a manner that meets the industry documentation standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how administrative policies, procedures, and clinical practices affect the potential legal aspects and risks to the clinician and to West River Mental Health.

Located in the Black Hills

West River Mental Health has been providing behavioral health care in Western South Dakota since 1948 and is the largest, most advanced community mental healthcare facility in the region. The company’s core vision, then and now, is to build positive change among ourselves and the communities where we live, work, and play. West River Mental Health provides exceptional internships for counselors, social workers, and professionals hoping to enter the human service field.


If you have questions about our Internship program please reach out to us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.